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Child care is an important resource for any family. School schedules rarely match work schedules, and parents need to find child care they can trust. We understand the needs of our local community and strive to do everything we can to help our families. Little Genius Montessori Center of Rockville, MD offers reputable child care for elementary-aged children that focuses on continuing children’s education through homework help and fun activities. Day care includes:

● Homework Help—We extend your child’s education outside of the classroom by offering excellent homework help from our wonderful child care providers and teachers. Homework help is an invaluable resource for children who may be falling behind. We understand how difficult it can be for teachers to give students the necessary attention they need. Our instructors will work with your child’s unique learning style and help him or her bridge the gap.

● Fun Activities—Our goal is to keep our children stimulated while under our supervision. Leave the video games and cell phones for home—we want your children to engage in fun group activities to keep them physically active and socially involved. Nothing is more important than keeping children active and moving. If we return your child to you with a full battery, we simply have not done our job!

● Enrichment Programs—We offer enrichment programs including, visual arts, martial arts, acting, and computer classes. Your child will be introduced to something new every day!

Please stop by our facility in Rockville, MD today to find out more about our child care program! Our wonderful staff will take you on a tour of our beautiful facility.

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