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Little Genius Montessori Center of Rockville, MD is an innovative early childhood education facility offering Mandarin Chinese immersion. Mandarin Chinese immersion teaches your child to communicate in one of the most globally prevalent languages. The unique cognitive abilities of young children make learning new languages easier than if they wait until later in life. A child’s ability to recognize and replicate sounds is an important part of learning to communicate as a native speaker.

We have a staff of wonderful bilingual teachers that are well versed in instructing the basics of the Chinese language. Whether or not you speak this language at home, your child will benefit from learning a second language in all walks of life. Language is the link between cultures. Being able to communicate with other cultures opens children’s minds and broadens their horizons.

The earlier children start learning a second language, the easier it will be for them to communicate on the same level as a native speaker. In order to create and articulate the sounds necessary to speak as a native, a child must be immersed in the language from a very young age. We dedicate a portion of the day to speaking solely in Mandarin Chinese to help this immersion process. You will be amazed at how quickly and deftly your child masters a new language.

We also focus on cultural aspects of Mandarin Chinese. It is one of the most popular languages spoken in various regions and has a wide variety of dialects. Your child will be able to comprehend, speak, write, and read in Chinese before you know it. This sets your child up for success later in life when speaking a second language is highly valued. Your child may even be inspired to pursue other languages throughout his or her lifetime.

If you want your child to learn a second language, the sooner the better!

Ask how our Mandarin Chinese immersion classes at Little Genius Montessori Center can stimulate your child’s learning process today!

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