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Montessori preschool is an excellent source of education. Young children need to be encouraged to explore and develop in line with their individual personalities. Curiosity, especially at a young age, is the driving force for education. Strict classroom settings can stymie a child’s growth as opposed to promoting it. Little Genius Montessori Center of Rockville, MD uses the principles of Montessori education to stimulate children in a free, yet guided, learning environment. Montessori preschool includes:

● Choice—Our students are encouraged to take part in their education by choosing from a diverse set of activities. This allows them to express themselves and develop their unique characters. Everything is done in a positive group setting and under the guidance of a teacher. However, we respect each child’s right to choose and develop at his or her own pace. We believe that Montessori preschool is the best method of learning for young children.

● Discovery Model—We design our activities based on rigorous research from the Montessori method. The discovery model of learning encourages children to experience an activity and learn valuable academic principles. Lecture style learning, where a teacher leads a discussion, is not suitable for young children. They learn better when fully engaged in an activity as opposed to listening to a teacher’s explanation.

● Curriculum—The core of our curriculum includes practical life, sensorial learning, language, mathematics, social studies, science, music, art, and Mandarin Chinese. We stress learning through doing. For example, practical life includes helping children prepare their own lunch and snacks. Our teachers provide students with a plethora of materials to work with that improve their understanding of these core subjects.

Your child will benefit from our Montessori environment. We work with children ages 18 months to six years old.

Speak to our wonderful teachers at Little Genius Montessori Center in Rockville, MD to find out more!

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